Reasons why People Die Young - With Effective solution

Reasons why People Die Young – With Effective solution

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Reasons why People Die Young – With Effective solution

Reasons why People Die Young - With Effective solution

It is obvious that death is inevitable as an individual, in fact every thing that has breadth dies (both plant and animal). With this in mind, many people prepare for their death(basically elders) and some die unprepared.

Death wasn’t common in the olden days as a matter of fact during the bible era, people lived as long as hundreds of years (Methuselah lived close to 1000 years) but the common this now is the death of both old and young, as a matter of fact people die in their sleep without a viable cause of death.

it is easy for people in the developed country to perfectly detect the cause of death of an individual but this is not so in the less developed and the developing countries

In this article we will give to you:

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the comprehensive reason why people die young.

  1. The Nature of diet
    A great factor that cannot be overlooked in the life of a man is their Nutrients and diet. Food is life. This is why anyone who is deprived of good food is liable to die young. Many Youths cannot do without Drugs which has a huge negative effects on them.
    So anyone who wants to live long should eat healthy food
  2. Stress and sleeplessness.
    The way God configure us is that we should express all characteristics of a living thing of which Sleep is a great factor.

The word sleep is the time given to the body to forget about the things of the world and get the body to be relieved of its stress.

The scientist specifically stated that sleeplessness can damage the brain.
This is because the brain controls all the day to day activities of an individual, And if there no time given to it to rest the tissues will wear out.
So it is Advisable to sleep for at least 7hours in day, it seems difficult for some people but it is compulsory.

3. Health status
As much has many people watch what they eat and also control their stress level, they can be death victim on the note of their health status.

Some people has developed one illness or the other from their childhood and put them in death zone always. Many people are even on life support, with little hope of getting well.
So in situations like this, it is good that we go for medical check ups to know and to be able to control or manage any impairments of the body.

4. Background Status and Gene
It is very absurd to make the claim that some people have the gene of premature death in them. But there might be genetically issues that can result into early death of such individual.
Example is sickle cell patient, inherit the sickness from their two parents

Verywell Health has different opinion

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