Full Biography of Tessy sings

Full Biography of Tessy sings

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Full Biography of Tessy sings

Full Biography of Tessy sings

Full Biography of Tessy sings

The gospel singer and song writer; “Tessy Sings”, Who is also the younger sister of a singer and gospel music Lover Devine Xplosive has surprised Her fans many time with covers and track that was perfectly sang with her beautiful voice. It was noted that she recently released a single, Titled; GOD’s LOVE

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Tessy Sing's Full name:

Tessy Adoga Ogweye
Tessy Sing's Place of Residence:

Portharcourt, Rivers state

Tessy Sing's Age and date of birth

18 years old. August 28 2001 

Full Biography of Tessy sings
  •  Tessy Sing's Marital status:
    Tessy Sing's Place of worship:Catholic Church
    Tessy Sing's Number of tracks:
    she currently has 3 awesome tracks to her name;
  • Beautiful Cover
  • Never Question God
  • God's Love
    Tessy Sing's Number of Album:
    she currently has none
    Tessy Sing's Number of siblings:
    Tessy sings has Eight siblings and of 9 children  4boys and 5girls she is the 8th
    Academic status
    she is currently a 100 level student of Benue state university Makurdi
Full Biography of Tessy sings

When asked what her motivational factor is, to haven’t switched to circular music, she said;

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffer the lost of his own soul? My motive as a singer is not just about being famous. Being famous is part of it though, because I would like to reach out to the whole world through my music. It is said that anything worth doing, is worth a well. So as Christians and children of God, we should always learn to work according to the will of God. God’s plan for Christians is to spread the gospel.

So my motivational factor is knowing that I'm doing the right thing which is pleasing in God's sight

Full Biography of Tessy sings


Here are some of her covers from Instagram


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Have you listened to my latest song BEAUTIFUL? Downloads and please let me know what you think about the song 🙈. Link on my bio or Download here 👉 https://wp.me/pagilG-tQ . #Teamtessy #Teamchampions

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You might want to check out her latest song;

God’s Love by Devine Xplosive Ft Tessy Sings






My Tribute Benjamin Dube ft Vashawn Mitchell Liesl Penniken

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