Download: Testimony Jaga Jesus [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Download: Testimony Jaga Jesus [Mp3 + Lyrics]

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Download Jesus by Testimony Jaga [Mp3 + Video and Lyrics]

Download: Testimony Jaga Jesus [Mp3 + Lyrics]

The Ultimate thing we can offered God is our Praise, which is delivered from a sincere Heart. The goodness of God is immeasurable and indescribable, and this is why He deserves undiluted Praise and worship.

Testimony Jaga drops a perfect song of worship to describe the identity of God and His supremacy Via the song “Jesus”.

Jesus is a song delivered at the LIMA award in 2019 Live at Christ Embassy, and this song happens to be extremely inspiring as it blesses Lives since then until now, and Like other gospel songs, he should Continually bless Lives.

The Nigerian gospel music minister delivers the song Perfectly.

Other songs by Testimony Jaga includes, Biggie biggie, I have moved, and Ella

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Full Lyrics of the song

[Chorus] His Name is (Jesus)
H’is Name is (Jesus)
His Name is (Jesus)
His Name is, (Jesus)

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[Verse 1] I call Him, Jesus my Saviour
Jesus, My Protector
Jesus, My Provider, Jesus, My Healer
J’esus, My Comforter
Jesus, My Defender, Jesus, My Defense
Jesus, My Advocate
J’esus, My Intercessor
Jesus, My Present
Jesus, My Tomorrow
J’esus, My Future, Jesus, My Peace
Jesus, My Joy, Jesus, My Hope
Jesus, My Life, Jesus, My Wonder
J’esus, My Happiness
Jesus, My Sufficience
Jesus, My Miracle
When I’m walking, Jesus
When I’m sleeping, Jesus
In my home, Jesus
At my Job, Jesus
In Him I live, and I’ve my being

[Verse 2] Jesus, My Oga, Jesus, My CEO
Jesus, My Boss
J’esus, My Oga Kpata, kpata at the top
My ever present help
Jesus, My King, Jesus, My Lord
Jesus, My Word, Jesus, My Word
J’esus, My Love, Jesus, My Guidance
Jesus, My Beauty
Jesus, My Swagger, Jesus, My Ginger
More than Waymaker
More than Peace maker
[Jesus – by Testimony Jaga] [Verse 3] I call Him, my Bigibigi
In Him, I do Shakara
In Him, I do yanga, In Him, I gara
His my Confidence,
Jesus, My Giver, Jesus, My Blessing
Jesus, My Friend, Jesus, My Father
J’esus, My Mother
Jesus, My Eyes, in Him I See
Jesus, My Nose, in Him I Breathe
J’esus, My Ear, in Him I Hear
Jesus, My Mouth,
In Him I speak and I prophecy
Jesus, My Hands, In Him
I perform Miracles and Wonders
Jesus, My Legs,
With Him I can Walk and Walk
Jesus, My Health, no Sickness,
No Infirmities, no any Diseases
No Cancer, no HIV, no Malaria,
Noo High Blood Pressure
No Stroke, No Headache
Jesus is my Health, Health

[Verse 4] Jesus, My Supply,
Jesus, My Surplus, Jesus, My Faith
J’esus, My Abundance
Jesus, My Overdose
Jesus, My Purpose
J’esus, My Light, no darkness

[Chorus] Nobody like You Baba Mi (Jesu)
E bami pe loruko t’onje (Jesu)
Pe loruko t’onje (Jesu)
E bami pe loruko t’onje (Jesu)
E pe loruko t’onje, (Jesu)

[ … Praises in Yoruba … ] [ … Speaking In Tongues … ]

Nobody like You Baba Mi
Thank You Lord Jesus
Thank You Father
Jesus …



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