Download: SCHACKLES part 1 Mount Zion (mp4)

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Download: SCHACKLES part 1 Mount Zion Movies

SCHACKLES part 1 Mount Zion (mp4)

This is another Mount Zion movie that talks about bondage some Christians put themselves into because of lack of trust towards God, or say inability to wait on God.

This movie is made to help believers understand the effect of our decisions sometimes especially when we aren’t waiting on God.

Stay blessed as you watch the movie.

Don’t watch alone.


Download SCHACKLES part 1, Mount Zion Movies mp4


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I am very sure you will be glad

Watch SCHACKLES part 1 Mount Zion Movies mp4




You can download Shackles part 2 from the link below.

Download: SCHACKLES part 2, Mount Zion Movies (mp4)



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