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Okey Jesus over Everything (mp3 download + Lyrics)

Download Jesus over Everything audio by Okey

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Okey Jesus over Everything (mp3 download + Lyrics)

Okey Jesus over Everything

Okey Jesus over Everything (mp3 download + Lyrics)
The gospel singer Okey whose biological name is Ewah Okechukwu, is out with a new single, Titled Jesus over Everything.

The song is a song that encourages God’s people to stay focused on Jesus regardless any of the challenges or situations they may find themselves any time in their lives especially during pandemics.

Meanwhile Okey is a Lagos based anointed gospel artiste and songwriter that has decided to bless the whole world with his single debut produced by the well known TKEYS.

Jesus over Everything is a reminder to everyone that God is not absent in times of difficulties and all we want us to do is to call on Jesus as the disciple did in Mark 4: 38-39 and every storm will be calmed.

Kindly sit back, click on the play button and enjoy the song or you click on the download button to get the song.

Okey Jesus over Everything mp3 download




Connect With Okey
Twitter: @Okeyraps
Facebook: Okechukwu Ewah
Instagram: @ewahokechu

Lyrics for Jesus Over Everything By Okey

[Intro] OK
Jesus x3
The name Jesus, given to us
the name that at the mention of it knees bow, tongues confess
that’s just the very name I profess especially now, in this situation.. yeah. listen up.

[Verse 1] Ebola is but a name that came with its story and claimed lives
but God gave victory
Corona yet again. who can we blame? Is this a global massacre or a political game
Lord please intervene in all these
Cos man has only acted foolishly behind this
And thats why we call upon Your name in humility
Please heal our land in totality.

[Chorus] Jesus over my family
Jesus over
my home
Jesus in this situation
Jesus everyday (x2)

Gospellife Download [Verse 2] Master master
Do You care if we perish?
Cos it seems the storm is overwhelming
And if in any case its in Your interest
Our trust is in You nevertheless
You are Peace like no other
A way to the father
Your death on the cross has given us life eternal
Cos You seated above in the right hand of God
Advocating for us all right before God.

Okey Jesus over Everything
[Chorus] Jesus over my family
Jesus over
my home
Jesus in this situation
Jesus everyday. (x2)

[Verse 3] As for me and my house
we will serve the Lord Jesus
regardless of the storm before us
And no weapon fashion against us shall ever prosper
we already conquered! we already conquered! (twice)
From victory to victory
We’re just more than conquerors.

[Chorus] Jesus over my family
Jesus over
my home
Jesus in this situation
Jesus everyday (Till fade)

[Outro] Yeah
Indeed we’re more than conquerors
Cos from victory to victory is how we fight all because Jesus is the very name that has been given to us,
the name that at the mention of it knees bow. cmon.
what is it that You are going through? as long as it’s got a name, the name of Jesus supercedes it
Keep that name in Your mind
let that name never cease from Your mouth
The name of Jesus

Okey Jesus over Everything





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